HartLogic started in 2012 as a technology, content, and events consultant to help entrepreneurs in seizing opportunities and solving problems. In 2016, HartLogic made a transformation by providing a wider range of services through insights (content), events, communities, incubators, consulting, and ventures. In 2020, HartLogic combines insights and events to the HartLogic Foundation, while incubator, consulting, and ventures into HartLogic Enterprise, and community to the HartLogic Society. In the same year, HartLogic also launched a centralized application called Pranala.

HartLogic was founded on May 20, 2012, in the bedroom of Bernhart Farras (Bern’s profile can be seen on the BernhartFarras.com page), combined with his thoughts on strong convergence in three fields, namely technology, art, and education. Bern started a business by trading since grade 1 elementary school and started a business since entering high school, by building a clothing company called Java Indonesia Clothes (JIClothes, now JIClothes has turned into Bern+), which at that time had a desire to improve its image

Entrepreneurship Platfrom
HartLogic supports entrepreneurs through 3 pillars: Foundation, Enterprise, and Society. HartLogic Foundation to achieve justice and human well-being through Sustainable Ecosystems, Development Programs, and Initiatives. HartLogic Enterprise to reach maximum potential through Incubator, Consulting, and Ventures. HartLogic Society to established relationships and exchanging information through Membership, Community, and Associations.

As an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) HartLogic has the vision to support entrepreneurs around the world. With the mission of creating new connections, enabling collaborations, providing knowledge, improving personal skills, and building organizations. “Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.” is the HartLogic tagline which is the basis for Hartroopers in carrying out all activities. As an entrepreneurship platform, HartLogic helps entrepreneurs to start, launch, develop, sustainable, and expand because everything we do is driven by this question: How can we provide the best support for entrepreneurs?

Source: https://hartlogic.com/en

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