Sinar Mas is a brand of a company that operates through seven business pillars: Pulp and Paper, Agribusiness and Food, Financial Services, Developers and Real Estate, Telecommunications, Energy and Infrastructure, and Health Services which, although each are managed independently, are united by common ground. company values ​​and history.

Sinar Mas is committed to sustainable business practices through economic aspects, environmental sustainability and social welfare. Our latest initiative to get involved is also in the provision of health and education services. From each existing business pillar, it is illustrated that our focus is the management of commodities and services that are the main needs of the community, which at the same time are able to encourage the welfare and economy of the nation.


What we have achieved so far comes from the opportunities that the community gives us to meet their needs. This encourages us to always prioritize business ethics, in line with applicable rules and regulations, while respecting the prevailing social and cultural values. When we are able to provide value and meaning to every user of the products and services we provide, at the same time we – Sinar Mas – will continue to grow, which means an increase in the welfare and quality of life of our employees, and leads to an increase in our collective well-being, all parties involved. related.
Our vision is to become a global business entity that thrives on consumer loyalty, sustainably, based on harmony between economic, environmental and social aspects. The practice is carried out through the implementation of accountability, openness, and business ethics.


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