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Through its Family Office division, Prasetia Dwidharma has followed and invested in technology companies since 2016. With a focus in early-stage B2B Startups, Prasetia has backed more than 100 scalable and fast-growing Startups in various industries across Southeast Asia (predominantly in Indonesia) and the United States via regular invitations from Y Combinator.

Led by Prasetia’s founding twin brothers, Arya & Ardi Setiadharma, our main principle is to be a founder-friendly and long-term partner. Through advising and mentoring, we aim to guide our portfolios reach their maximum potential.

We understand how important it is to be a seed Venture Capitalist. Therefore, by leveraging Arya & Ardi’s: expertise, extensive network, and operating experiences, we assist founders whenever needed, in planning and executing company strategies, so that they are ready for the growth stage.

In addition, as a recognition of Prasetia’s investment track record, our CEO, Arya Setiadharma, has been selected to be the first MDI Telkom Venture partner in 2019.


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